It’s Oil Change Time - Please Do it NOW!   


"It is critical that you change your oil every three months or before driving 4000 miles to maintain your Ds' Lease / Rent to Own vehicle. This keeps your Engine & Transmission Warranty^ In-force".
Sears and Walmart run various oil change specials, some with coupons, they are open weekdays, evenings and weekends by appointment or walk-in for your convenience. Ds is not requiring or recommending Sears or Walmart for oil changes. This is just two of many oil change facilities you can choose from, that will change oil professionally for a fair price.

Sears Oil Change Website link:

Walmart Oil Change Website link:

We will help you by deducting the cost of your oil change after you have paid for it yourself, from any reputable auto facility. Ds will deduct an amount directly from your next periodic payment up to $25.00 for reimbursement once every three months ($20 for standard oil changes & $25 for synthetic blend oil changes), totaling up to $100.00 dollars per year. Additional oil change costs for any extra mileage incurred are the lessee's responsibility with no further lessor reimbursement.

Ds' Oil Change Specifications:
  • *5 quarts of new premium grade or Ds recommends a premium synthetic blend oil (*or filled to capacity);
  • 10W30 or 10W40 - Valvoline, Shell, Mobile, Quaker State, or Pennzoil (to protect your auto investment synthetic blends are preferable)
  • Replace old oil filter with a new replacement filter;
  • Check all fluids and top off when needed;
  • Lube Chassis add grease to grease zerks when present;
  • Oil changes must be done by a reputable advertised oil change business, no do-it-yourself oil changes are accepted;
  • Other maintenance & checks; tire inflation & wear, rotate tires, filters, brakes, windshield wipers, belts, hoses, exhaust, & etc.
  • Remember you will own this car or want to trade-up.  PLEASE DO YOUR MAINTENANCE & PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT!

Reimbursement Requirements:

For reimbursement you must supply us with an oil change receipt in person so we can do a quick routine vehicle inspection.

Reimbursement only applies when oil is changed prior to 4,000 miles driven, this is an incentive to encourage our customers to change their oil often protecting their vehicle investment.

If you live more than fifty miles from our Springfield dealership you can send your receipts by mail, email or text with seven recent pictures of your car; Exterior - front, back, drivers side, passenger side, Interior - front seat area, back seat area and dashboard with a legible odometer reading. These pictures must be current we decode pictures to make certain they are current. (if your vehicle has some damage we will work with you to get it fixed)

Ds will not be able to warranty your engine and transmission^ if you do not get your oil changed as agreed to in your Lease Agreement. (unfortunately, for you and Ds, this also violates your lease agreement to maintain your leased vehicle and forces an immediate repossession / right to cure)

  Let’s work together to keep your vehicle nice and well maintained. Thank you from your friends at Ds!
  • E-Mail receipts and pictures to; or
  • Text receipts and pictures to (217)741-2016;or
  • Mail receipts and pictures to Ds Auto Imports 111 N Dirksen Parkway Springfield, IL 62702;
  • Or, Simply Visit in person and bring receipts in for reimbursement and a quick inspection!

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