Lease To Own Cars - What Is this about?

What Is Lease To Own?
Are you looking to for affordable payments on a newer vehicle? Do you want a car that is slightly used instead of a higher priced new one? Wondering how Ds Auto Imports Lease to Own program works? Why so many people are talking about it? Finally someone created this amazing Lease to Own program. What does that mean to you? Answer - You get all the traditional lease options and terms of a new car dealership without having to lease an expensive new car that is difficult to qualify for. There are so many upsides to this program! For instance, an engine and transmission warranty is included and you can trade your car at any time for a newer model or return your car to Ds for any reason without damaging your credit!
What is a lease and how does it work? So many new car dealers out there offer lease deals. But what does that entail? To lease a vehicle means that the dealer or manufacturer will lend you or lease you a car for fixed amount of time or term and at the end of that term or time you have the option to buy out the car or return it. Usually these deals are great for people who want to change up their cars every couple years or so and not be stuck with a car long term.

Here at Ds Auto Imports, our Lease to Own program is very similar except it's way better! We have a small overhead as we are a small business, which means our cars are not as expensive as other places. You can return the leased vehicle to us at any time instead of waiting until the term ends. You can trade up to a nicer vehicle at any time as well! There really is no other car dealer out there that can match our program! Please call or click today for more information on all our cars and the Lease to Own program!

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